History Geek Icons 2010s part2

March 28, 2019

Today I'm finishing with the main icons set. Today we have the stuff from our days and beyond. Advanced Robotics / Virtual Reality / Jupiter Exploration / Prosthetic Hand / Hover Board / Delivery Drone Thank you, people, who supported...

History Geek Icons 2010s

March 27, 2019

Almost finished with my history icon set. Today is today:) Solar panels, 3d printing, Google cars, Genome project, Apple Ipad and Iwatch, and The Large Hadron Collider as well!

History Geek Icons 2000s-Part2 - At last :)

March 08, 2019

One more icon subset from the 2000s. Here we have well familiar stuff. Hope you enjoy! :)

History Geek Icons 2000s - At last :)

March 05, 2019

One more funny set from the recent past. These ones are not history though, they're more our reality.

History Geek Icons 1990s- part 2

February 26, 2019

Howdy! Finishing with 1990s today :) Let's remember beautiful modems and cd players, and first cool gaming consoles.

History Geek Icons 1990s

February 21, 2019

Hey! Going further with my icons :) We are almost done here, and closely coming to the end of the 20th century. 1990s - the beginning of the digital era at it best.

Vintage musical instruments icons / History Geek Set

November 15, 2018

HEY! One more piece from my vintage icons icon set "History Geek", and one of my favourite subjects - musical instruments.

History Geek Icons 1960s -part 2

October 25, 2018

Howdy! Continuing with 1960 history icons. Today - funnier ones.

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