1. Fund raising and public launch! announcement ats crm fund raising hr launch recruiting recruitment
    View Fund raising and public launch!
    Fund raising and public launch!
  2. Crew.work — Outreach metrics analyse analytics hr human resources kpi metrics outreach performance report stats
    View Crew.work — Outreach metrics
    Crew.work — Outreach metrics
  3. Crew.work — Attachments attachment file hr list pdf process recruitment resume upload
    View Crew.work — Attachments
    Crew.work — Attachments
  4. Crew.work — Scorecard average candidate hiring hr note score scorecard scoring table talent
    View Crew.work — Scorecard
    Crew.work — Scorecard
  5. Crew.work — Mobile experience action bar app candidate hiring hr list mobile notification process profile responsive talent
    View Crew.work — Mobile experience
    Crew.work — Mobile experience
  6. Crew.work — Talent Profile revamp action bar candidat comment hr interview plan job list process profile social talent timeline user
    View Crew.work — Talent Profile revamp
    Crew.work — Talent Profile revamp
  7. Crew.work — Add position ats clean crew crm date date picker experience minimalist modal month popover position product design saas ui ux
    View Crew.work — Add position
    Crew.work — Add position
  8. Crew.work — Custom automations app ats automated automation builder crew crew.work crm flow product design saas steps trigger ui ux workflow
    View Crew.work — Custom automations
    Crew.work — Custom automations
  9. We're hiring a Product Designer crew crew.work hiring opportunity product designer remote
    View We're hiring a Product Designer
    We're hiring a Product Designer
  10. Crew.work — Interview Template ats builder crm form interview interview form minimalist product design question questions step typeform ui ux
    View Crew.work — Interview Template
    Crew.work — Interview Template
  11. Crew.work — Filters ats crew crew.work crm filter filters form input minimalist modal panel popover product design saas ui ux
    View Crew.work — Filters
    Crew.work — Filters
  12. Crew.work — Drag and drop talent advance animation ats candidates crm drag drag drop drag and drop drop move forward next step pipeline product design recruiting saas talents ui ux
    View Crew.work — Drag and drop talent
    Crew.work — Drag and drop talent
  13. Crew.work — Email composer composer crew crew.work crm email email composer emailing message messaging product product design saas send send email ui ux
    View Crew.work — Email composer
    Crew.work — Email composer
  14. Crew.work — Save custom list ats candidates crew crew.work crm custom list filters input list lists modal popover product product design recruiting saas ui ux
    View Crew.work — Save custom list
    Crew.work — Save custom list
  15. Crew.work — Timeline Events activities collaboration comment crew crm event events notification recruiting saas schedule timeline ui ux
    View Crew.work — Timeline Events
    Crew.work — Timeline Events
  16. Crew.work — Bulk select talents animation animation bulk bulk actions bulk animation candidates cards crm list list selection mp4 multi select multiple actions multiselect product design ui ux video
    View Crew.work — Bulk select talents animation
    Crew.work — Bulk select talents animation
  17. Crew.work — Add tag add tag animation component crew crm dropdown field input minimalist mp4 product design saas tag tag management tags ui ux video
    View Crew.work — Add tag
    Crew.work — Add tag
  18. Crew.work — Jump to (Search bar) animation ats cmd k command bar command k crm input interactive motion mp4 product design quick access quick search saas search search bar search engine search results ui ux
    View Crew.work — Jump to (Search bar)
    Crew.work — Jump to (Search bar)
  19. Crew.work — Career page (Job description) application form ats career career page crew crm job application job board job offer open position opportunity recruiter recruiting
    View Crew.work — Career page (Job description)
    Crew.work — Career page (Job description)
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