Qc tabs small

Equestrian iPhone App Tabs

October 02, 2012

Here's the final piece of this project, which I just finished. It shows how the tabs are going to look like, along with some checkboxes on a list. Can't wait to see it on the App Store soon. Cheers! PD. Don't forget to check the whole ...

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Qc strategy small

Equestrian iPhone App Strategy

September 07, 2012

Hi folks! Here are some more details of the UI design for "What a Horse!" Make sure you check the attachment to see full pixels. Comments and feedback are welcome as always Enjoy!

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Qc home small

Equestrian iPhone App List

August 27, 2012

Here's my last iPhone project called "Qué Caballo!" ("What a Horse!" in English). I've used textures, patterns and details that reminds the environment of a barn: leather, wood, cords, etc... I hope you enjoy it. Don't forget to check ...

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