1. Cherri - Pacman webapp game art game design conceptual product design vector typography daily 2d portfolio design branding ui ux design art pacman interaction design webdesign type fun
    View Cherri - Pacman
    Cherri - Pacman
  2. Online Portfolio loop layout homepage design creative branding 3d 2d typography web design
    View Online Portfolio
    Online Portfolio
  3. Fifa adidas crowd buildings city design daily illustration 2d fifa futbol soccer
    View Fifa
  4. Rougevogue make up challenge black red project personal 2d flat woman mirror 2d illustration
    View Rougevogue
  5. City livin' 2d illustration adobe building flat circle city daily drawing fun
    View City livin'
    City livin'
  6. Locus App design fun minimal colors abstract product design ui smart object app
    View Locus App
    Locus App
  7. Doggo! love flat illustrator gradient fun 2d drawing iot daily illustration
    View Doggo!
  8. IOT subscription illustration flower flowers daily concept architecture 2d blue plant door entrance vector illustration iot
    View IOT subscription illustration
    IOT subscription illustration
  9. Office Signage numbers typeexperiments type productdesign 3d
    View Office Signage
    Office Signage
  10. Off the grid brutalist style portfolio website ux ui design belentenorio offthegrid portfolio brutalist
    View Off the grid brutalist style portfolio website
    Off the grid brutalist style portfolio website
  11. Fidget Counter experience web game ui experiment fidget fun personal counter
    View Fidget Counter
    Fidget Counter
  12. Fidget Website personal fun daily flat buttons button hover movement product side project interaction fidget
    View Fidget Website
    Fidget Website
  13. Just roll with it chill typography type black and white didgets design tote bag tote just roll with it
    View Just roll with it
    Just roll with it
  14. Embrace your weird kickstarter fidget to focus fidgetdidgets didgets fidget inspirational type product design tote bag black and white tote
    View Embrace your weird
    Embrace your weird
  15. Soho79 logo design belen tenorio adam sirois calligraphy redesign logo branding documentary ethan patz soho79
    View Soho79
  16. Packaging design concept for Stan Smiths shoe bag net eco-friendly adidas us open mixed materials product design brooklyn farm tennis court packaging design tennis stan smiths
    View Packaging design concept for Stan Smiths
    Packaging design concept for Stan Smiths
  17. Self-Promotion concept design minimal simple green print product design shoe design shoe box stan smiths nyc tennis self promotion
    View Self-Promotion
  18. Hi, nice to meet you. mail type hand drawn craft surprise ups packaging postoffice hello hi nice to meet you editorial
    View Hi, nice to meet you.
    Hi, nice to meet you.
  19. Rollers didgets. focus adhd add product design industrial design design marble copper fidget rhino 3d renders
    View Rollers
  20. Walkthrough Experience for VUE vueapp video bike walkthrough appdesign slowmo screens ux ui
    View Walkthrough Experience for VUE
    Walkthrough Experience for VUE
  21. Didgets video. art direction weird playful module one web design product design interaction design
    View Didgets
  22. Locus Website landing page minimal product design interaction design ui-ux web design
    View Locus Website
    Locus Website
  23. Interlude, a fidget lab graphic design layout design invitation photography type experience design print
    View Interlude, a fidget lab
    Interlude, a fidget lab
  24. Didgets: fidget to focus clicker button design fidget focus add adhd fidget tool copper renderings industrial design product design
    View Didgets: fidget to focus
    Didgets: fidget to focus
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