1. Currency Exchange app user interface user experience online market fintech rate exchange currency design mobile app app application clean ui ux
    View Currency Exchange app
    Currency Exchange app
  2. ‎Gemstone Discovery app uiux mobile app customize buy sell ecommerce 360 view minimalist clean ui ios application app 3d jewelry gemstones userexperience userinterface exploration ux ui
    View ‎Gemstone Discovery app
    ‎Gemstone Discovery app
  3. Ride app ariuka prototype video interaction animation rideshare onboarding application design gradient flat design clean ui minimalist easy riding minimal ux ui application app
    View Ride app
    Ride app
  4. Onboarding screen onboarding screen car future ariuka motion clean ui video mp4 interaction application app mobile app ios ui ux
    View Onboarding screen
    Onboarding screen
  5. Riding app app design riding app flat mobile app clean branding design mobile design ios share route minimal clean ui ux design ui design application app ride ux uiux
    View Riding app
    Riding app
  6. Highlight app blurred background time management inspiration self improvement app design ios design todoist highlight appliction app minimal clean ui uxdesign uidesign ux ui
    View Highlight app
    Highlight app
  7. Health Tracking App inspiration health app design ios minimal clean ui animation micro interaction interaction motion application app mobile app ui ux
    View Health Tracking App
    Health Tracking App
  8. Health Track web app graphic ios mobile app heartbeat exercise water dashboard design app interface inspiration web application application minimal design clean ui tracker health app web design ux ui dashboard
    View Health Track web app
    Health Track web app
  9. Health Track app V2 (Dark version) health tracker mobile design application app health app dark mode dark app dark ui inspiration clean ui minimal flat design user experience user interface ux ui layout exploration layout
    View Health Track app V2 (Dark version)
    Health Track app V2 (Dark version)
  10. Flow management app product design illustration application project management sitemap dashboard web platform wireframe user flow mind map management flow minimalist clean ui design mobile app web app app ux ui
    View Flow management app
    Flow management app
  11. Health Track app health app ios ui design ux design inspiration design app interface minimal clean ui mobile app tracking app health application app ux ui
    View Health Track app
    Health Track app
  12. Docket note (Side menu) webdesign app design micro interaction web app application project desktop app to do list clean ui component side menu design minimal note sticky note motion animation dashboard ux ui
    View Docket note (Side menu)
    Docket note (Side menu)
  13. File Uploader (Drag & Drop) application micro interaction upload file loading dashboard ui card clean ui minimal design components component ux ui upload motion interaction files drag and drop cards animation
    View File Uploader (Drag & Drop)
    File Uploader (Drag & Drop)
  14. Skill Development Web app learning platform courses web design ui ux dashboard mobile app app web app web platform minimal course clean ui design graphic arcdiagram video content instructor learning app
    View Skill Development Web app
    Skill Development Web app
  15. Online job boards UI Components minimal micro interaction designer portfolio design selection mobile app web app uiux ui cards ux ui freelance designer job board components component clean ui interaction motion animation app
    View Online job boards UI Components
    Online job boards UI Components
  16. Affinity Designer (Big Sur Icon) icon product fluent glass branding soft design 3d bigsur interface macos affinity designer ui illustration ios14 skeuomorph neumorph apple logo
    View Affinity Designer (Big Sur Icon)
    Affinity Designer (Big Sur Icon)
  17. Skill Development App self care platform mobile ios user interface user experience self development skill skillshare minimal clean ui design course mobile app design application app ux ui
    View Skill Development App
    Skill Development App
  18. The Surgery Studio - Web platform doctor graphic presentation web deisgn web site dark ui web platform online class landing page product design healthcare surgery ui design web design ux ui
    View The Surgery Studio - Web platform
    The Surgery Studio - Web platform
  19. Financial Mobile App design application income spending balance finance analytics credit score overview transactions credit card card ux ui minimal clean ui banking dashboard banking app datavisualisation candlestick mobile app
    View Financial Mobile App
    Financial Mobile App
  20. Online job boards UI Components webdesign user experience user inteface minimal uiux design topics blog job listing clean ui app application mobile app web app ui cards components component ux ui job board
    View Online job boards UI Components
    Online job boards UI Components
  21. Online Banking Web app desktop application clean ui application design application user interface desktop app mobile app cards ui dashboard ui transfer transaction credit card minimal design online banking web app fintech app ux uiux ui
    View Online Banking Web app
    Online Banking Web app
  22. Ride App Showcase protopie5.0 app mobile app design ride design clean ui motion application mobile app interaction microinteraction prototype prototype animation animation rideshare ux ui protopie
    View Ride App Showcase
    Ride App Showcase
  23. eCommerce app UI Components payments report ui ux ecommerce shoes ui cards components micro interaction interaction motion mobile app web app clean ui uiuxdesign graphic application app uiux component
    View eCommerce app UI Components
    eCommerce app UI Components
  24. VR Travel App clean ui ar tracker gps map roadsign app design uiux horse motorcycle virtual reality travel user experience user interface application app mobile app vr
    View VR Travel App
    VR Travel App
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