1. Club Sei Icons

  2. Club Sei Wine

  3. Hotel Identity

  4. What the hell happened to our society

  5. The Contemporary Art of Branding

  6. Neon Icons for Futuristic Fitness Studio

  7. Sustainable Home Icons

  8. A Set of Icons, Represented by a Tagline

  9. A Warm Welcome With the Copper Touch

  10. iPhone’s doors open, in or out?

  11. Global Visual Language for Autoban

  12. Azerbaijan Airlines Brand ID

  13. the english subtitle of my TEDx talk

  14. Monogram Blue

  15. Monogram Green

  16. Monogram Red

  17. Audi tpography update

  18. Alternate Cover for the Martian

  19. Sketch App Icon Yosemite Edition

  20. Public Gothic 17 FL.OZ

  21. Public Gothic 1 Gallon

  22. Public Gothic Vintage Tags

  23. Man of Steel (more depth)

  24. Logo for Analytics App

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