1. Teams Page branding chat dashboard design icons product design project management project team teams teams page ui
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    Teams Page
  2. Squircle Icons calendar chat download fat icons gear home icon icon set notes phone photo pin square and circle squircle trash upload video
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    Squircle Icons
  3. Music Icons icon icon set icons music ui
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    Music Icons
  4. Commute Icons clock commute icons email icon set pancakes ticket train
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    Commute Icons
  5. Pricing Page create account join page pricing sign in sign in with sign up ui
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    Pricing Page
  6. Messanger/Chat Dashboard Icons bell book chat dashboard design icon icons message messanger microphone notification pin ui
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    Messanger/Chat Dashboard Icons
  7. Price Page buttons customer price dashboard design icons navigation pricing toggle ui website
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    Price Page
  8. Aviation Academy Log in adventure app cards dashboard design icons log in sign in ui ui design
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    Aviation Academy Log in
  9. Duotone Icons adventure airbnb boat camping car chat credit dashboard design figma finance icons logo room ship train travel ui
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    Duotone Icons
  10. Host Dashboard airbnb branding dashboard design design challenege hospitality host icons ui user user dashboard ux ui design
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    Host Dashboard
  11. Icon Set adventure camping cats icons lawn care planets rain science tools travel weather
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    Icon Set
  12. Adventure Company Dashboard cruise dashboard design flights travel travelling ui ux
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    Adventure Company Dashboard
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