1. Stay Home shapes motion illustration aftereffects animation 2d motiondesign minimal design stay safe stayhome
    View Stay Home
    Stay Home
  2. Icon - Pencil art ameenimagina uxdesign design minimal motion design cinema4d 3d 3d animation iconography animation icon
    View Icon - Pencil
    Icon - Pencil
  3. Impossible shape geometry aftereffects motiondesign logo branding ui minimal circle design animation 2d motion
    View Impossible shape
    Impossible shape
  4. Skate 2d gradient shapes ui ameenimagina design motiondesign minimal animation motion skate skateboarding
    View Skate
  5. Sea you blackandwhite gradient noise water ocean sea flat shapes illustration aftereffects motiondesign ameenimagina animation 2d minimal design motion
    View Sea you
    Sea you
  6. Grab your Keyframes freelance motion designer freelance designer animator keyframer gradient color gradients hand amination hand motiongraphics keyframe minimal 2d ameenimagina aftereffects motiondesign animation motion
    View Grab your Keyframes
    Grab your Keyframes
  7. Ai iphonex minimal vector aftereffects motiondesign ux design ui uiux animation artificialintelligence ai motion
    View Ai
  8. Walking into work design ameenimagina aftereffects minimal work walking walkcycle walk 2d motion
    View Walking into work
    Walking into work
  9. 404 Page motiongraphics logo vector shapes eye catching error page error error 404 web  design minimal animation 2d interaction animation ux ui 404 404page homepage design motion
    View 404 Page
    404 Page
  10. Tiny Home tutorial animation home house house design flat geometry vector design ameenimagina illustration motiongraphics texture motiondesign aftereffects minimal 2d motion
    View Tiny Home
    Tiny Home
  11. Walk - Steps loop flatdesign motiondesign abstact walkcycle geometry ameenimagina shapes motiongraphics minimal character aftereffects animation 2d design
    View Walk - Steps
    Walk - Steps
  12. Reel-2018 geometry vector ameenimagina flat shapes illustration logo redesign blackandwhite tv reel2018 reel minimal motiongraphics aftereffects 2d motiondesign animation design motion
    View Reel-2018
  13. Joy Box flatdesign 2019 geometry aftereffects charecter animation ameenimagina charecter shapes motiongraphics motiondesign minimal 2d design motion
    View Joy Box
    Joy Box
  14. Shapes #03 flatdesign  aftereffects motiondesign motiongraphics motion minimal design 2d animation
    View Shapes #03
    Shapes #03
  15. Shapes #02 motiongraphics motiondesign motion minimal aftereffects flatdesign design animation 2d
    View Shapes #02
    Shapes #02
  16. Football, Fifa2018 flatdesign  aftereffects motiondesign motiongraphics motion minimal design 2d
    View Football, Fifa2018
    Football, Fifa2018
  17. Shapes #01 flatdesign  aftereffects motiondesign motiongraphics motion minimal design 2d animation
    View Shapes #01
    Shapes #01
  18. Typography motiondesign  glitch motiongraphics motion minimal design ameenimagina more blackandwhite shapes 2d animation
    View Typography
  19. All set to freelance ameenimagina freelance typographyanimation typography loop minimal 2dflatdesign motiondesign motion aftereffects animation 2d
    View All set to freelance
    All set to freelance
  20. Advanced Thoughts shapes head green texture anination cel 2d thoughts advance mixedpartsbrief
    View Advanced Thoughts
    Advanced Thoughts
  21. HomeRig joystics and slider minimal rig motion design motiondesign aftereffect animaion 2d house home
    View HomeRig
  22. Tedx Intro cel texture design aftereffects tedx shapes flatanimation 2d intro motion motiondesign animation
    View Tedx Intro
    Tedx Intro
  23. Run blue shapes runcycle charecter charecteranimation texture design  flat motion aftereffects animation 2d
    View Run
  24. 1K in Instagram texture flat cel design motion aftereffects animation 2d
    View 1K in Instagram
    1K in Instagram
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