Echo Show Intro

October 01, 2018

This animated sequence shows a brief overview of the new Amazon Echo Show. Like how to use your voice to watch videos and live TV, control your smart home, make video calls and cook along with Alexa. This is part of a series of new devic...

Echo Dot Light Rings

October 30, 2017

Hi Dribbblers! Testing out a new version of the Echo Dot with a floating light ring. 😉

Echo Show

October 05, 2017

A few 3D rendered shots of the Echo Show. The first Echo device from Amazon that has a screen so you can watch movies and make video calls.

Alexa Skills

May 22, 2017

Alexa has mad skills. Here are a few. Art Direction: @Wesley Schauble

Playful Pup

May 17, 2017

Fun little playful puppy animation used in a recent Amazon project. Character Design: Wesley Schauble

Echo in the Kitchen

May 17, 2017

Alexa schooling you in the kitchen. Art Direction: @Wesley Schauble

Amazon Tap Weather

May 15, 2017

This sequence is all about the portability of the Amazon Tap. Take it to go, but ask about the weather first and then connect it to your Smart Home when you’re back at the pad. Art Direction: @Wesley Schauble Character Illustration: @...

Amazon Tap Hardware Features

May 14, 2017

Another animated scene from the Amazon Tap video that's all about the various button features. Art Direction: @Wesley Schauble Character Illustration: @Kellin Holmes Character Animation: @Theron Benson