1. Daily UI #39 - Testimonials uidesign ui landing page dailyui clear design modern design testimonials wallet bank pastel green webdesign dailyui 039 dailyuichallenge
    View Daily UI #39 - Testimonials
    Daily UI #39 - Testimonials
  2. Daily UI #38 - Calendar blue pink purple task manager task list chart colorful modern design dailyui dailyui 038 dailyuichallenge uidesigns uidesign calendar app calendar ui calendar to do app clear design mobile design app
    View Daily UI #38 - Calendar
    Daily UI #38 - Calendar
  3. Daily UI #37 - Weather app mobile design clear design darkui darkmode interaction rainy sunny cloudy uidesign mobile ui mobile app weather icon icons weather app weather dailyuichallenge dailyui 037 dailyui
    View Daily UI #37 - Weather
    Daily UI #37 - Weather
  4. Daily UI #36 - Special Offer ecommerce offer design challenge design uidesign branding illustration green product design gift premium special offer overlay popup ui dailyuichallenge dailyui 035 dailyui
    View Daily UI #36 - Special Offer
    Daily UI #36 - Special Offer
  5. Daily UI #35 - Blog Post media blog app mobile ui mobile design mobile app clear design minimalist orange blue uxdesign reading app post blog design blog post blogging uidesign ui dailyuichallenge dailyui 035 dailyui
    View Daily UI #35 - Blog Post
    Daily UI #35 - Blog Post
  6. Daily UI #34 - Car Interface black modern design clean neumorphic app skeuomorphism neumorphic neumorphism electric car uidesign ui mobile ui mobile app mobile dashboard dailyuichallenge electric car car dashboard car interface dailyui 034 dailyui
    View Daily UI #34 - Car Interface
    Daily UI #34 - Car Interface
  7. Daily UI #33 - Customize Product food pastel shopping flavor ui design mobile ui mobile app illustration pink customizable ice cream topping ice cream shop ice cream topping personalized customize product customize custom dailyui 033 dailyui
    View Daily UI #33 - Customize Product
    Daily UI #33 - Customize Product
  8. Daily UI #32 - Crowdfunding Campaign illustration geometric design graphicdesign ux ui community projects charity initiative website landingpage interface webdesign homepage product design crowdfunding campaign crowdfunding dailyuichallenge dailyui 032 dailyui
    View Daily UI #32 - Crowdfunding Campaign
    Daily UI #32 - Crowdfunding Campaign
  9. Daily UI #31 - File Upload mobile design cloud folder file sharing app ui documents blue clear design mobile app mobile ui dropbox file manager file explorer upload file upload uidesign ui dailyuichallenge dailyui 031 dailyui
    View Daily UI #31 - File Upload
    Daily UI #31 - File Upload
  10. Daily UI #30 - Pricing pricing page interaction prices saas saas app minimal pricing plan business management illustration blackandwhite clean design mobile app mobile ui uidesign ui pricing dailyuichallenge dailyui 030 dailyui
    View Daily UI #30 - Pricing
    Daily UI #30 - Pricing
  11. Daily UI #29 - Map driver app uber taxi user experience navigation mobile design illustration ux location app location tracker taxi app tracking app uidesign ui mobile app mobileui map dailyuichallenge dailyui 029 dailyui
    View Daily UI #29 - Map
    Daily UI #29 - Map
  12. Daily UI  #28 - Contact us interface clean ui form input illustration blue contact page contact form support contact us mobile design mobile app uimobile uidesign ui designchallenge design dailyuichallenge dailyui 028 dailyui
    View Daily UI #28 - Contact us
    Daily UI #28 - Contact us
  13. Daily UI #27 - Dropdown ux microinteraction button menu design menu interactive design minimalist animation design adobexd dropdown ui dropdown menu dropdown interaction animation animation interaction uidesign ui dailyuichallenge dailyui 027 dailyui
    View Daily UI #27 - Dropdown
    Daily UI #27 - Dropdown
  14. Daily UI  #26 - Subscribe branding webdesign colorful art colorful geometric design geometric pattern geometric newsletter overlay popup uidesign ui dailyuichallenge dailyui 026 dailyui subscribe form subscription box subscription subscribe
    View Daily UI #26 - Subscribe
    Daily UI #26 - Subscribe
  15. Daily UI  #25 - TV App dailyuichallenge play streaming app streaming netflix the witcher black ux watch mobile app uidesign ui dailyui 025 dailyui interface movie episode app tv show tv app
    View Daily UI #25 - TV App
    Daily UI #25 - TV App
  16. Daily UI  #24 - Boarding Pass skeuomorphism neuomorphic neuomorphism dailyuichallenge design challenge mobile app qrcode minimalist design modern design flight ticket flight app uimobile uidesign ui dailyui 024 dailyui boardingpass traveling boarding pass
    View Daily UI #24 - Boarding Pass
    Daily UI #24 - Boarding Pass
  17. Daily UI  #23 - Onboarding dailyuichallenge uidesign graphicdesign red explorer travel app travel mobile app mobile ui illustrations designchallenge dailyui 023 ui dailyui illustration onboarding illustration onboarding screen onboarding ui onboarding
    View Daily UI #23 - Onboarding
    Daily UI #23 - Onboarding
  18. Daily UI  #22 - Search design challenge vector logo dailyuichallenge illustration website landingpage careers page job job listing search bar search results searching search dailyui 022 uidesign ui dailyui
    View Daily UI #22 - Search
    Daily UI #22 - Search
  19. Coronavirus - Covid 19 App virus mobile design mobile ui typography actionscript pharmacy medical blue illustration health consultancy doctor healthcare app healthcare ui mobile application coronavirus app covid19 coronavirus mobile app
    View Coronavirus - Covid 19 App
    Coronavirus - Covid 19 App
  20. Daily UI  #21 -  Home Monitoring Dashboard dark mode mobile app mobile app design uxui ux design connected devices connected home dashboard home monitoring home monitoring dashboard uimobile uidesign ui dailyuichallenge dailyui 021 dailyui neuomorphic skeuomorphism neuomorphism
    View Daily UI #21 - Home Monitoring Dashboard
    Daily UI #21 - Home Monitoring Dashboard
  21. Daily UI  #20 - Location Tracker shipment navigation shipping map mobile design blue illustration mobile app tracker design challenge dailyuichallenge uidesign ui mobile ui dailyui 020 dailyui delivery status delivery app location app location tracker
    View Daily UI #20 - Location Tracker
    Daily UI #20 - Location Tracker
  22. Daily UI  #19 - Leaderboard mobile design illustration dark orange leadership mobile app design mobile app ui mobile videogame samourai ui design challenge uidesign ui dailyuichallenge dailyui 019 dailyui gaming gaming app leaderboard
    View Daily UI #19 - Leaderboard
    Daily UI #19 - Leaderboard
  23. Daily UI  #18 - Analytics Chats (Redesign Google Analytics) redesign modern design interface minimalist graphs white blue uidesignchallenge dailyui 018 uidesign ui dailyui dashboard analytics dashboard clean activity google analytics analytics chart bar charts
    View Daily UI #18 - Analytics Chats (Redesign Google Analytics)
    Daily UI #18 - Analytics Chats (Redesign Google Analytics)
  24. Daily UI  #17 - Email Receipt mobile design booking system minimalist green flight receipt email design receipt email receipt mobile app ui mobile flight booking booking flight designchallenge uidesignchallenge dailyuichallenge dailyui 017 uidesign ui dailyui
    View Daily UI #17 - Email Receipt
    Daily UI #17 - Email Receipt
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