2019 most popular dribbble shots logos design by alex tass

2019 most popular dribbble shots / logos

December 17, 2019

Hello Dribbble friends! 2019 is coming to an end so here I am sharing with you some of my most popular shots uploaded this year. Which one is your favorite? :) Thank you everyone, I am more than grateful for all our interactions, for...

Planet explorations: from logo design symbol to app icon

December 13, 2019

From logo design symbol to app icon. Exploring options for using this colorful planet created for a social media project. -- Let's work together! Contact me at hello@alextass.com Let's connect: alextass.com • Behance • Instagram • ...

OPEN logo design: O letter, door + light in negative space

December 09, 2019

Logo design exploration for OPEN: O letter with a door casting light from the negative space of the letter. The logo / identity can be a dynamic one with the standing light as main visual and all the animation instances included as logo...

Trialog (TR / AI / Software dialog) logo design: T + modules

December 07, 2019

Another logo redesign proposal for TRIALOG: "TR (Real Time), AI (Artificial Intelligence), and dialogue between software. This is where the name Tr/ia/log comes from". Symbol shows a T letter mark formed by 3 entities, 3 construction b...

Letter A for information & communications technology agency logo

December 05, 2019

Logo design created in 2016 for an information and communications technology agency that is investing in innovative projects, security and optimizing markets. The logo shows the letter A and also an upwards arrow standing for growth an...

Life plus time self improvement management app logo corporate pattern design by alex tass

Life + Time, management app logo design, L + T monogram

December 03, 2019

Approved logo design created for Life+Time self-improvement / personal life management app. The symbol shows letters L and T and their intersection creates the + symbol. You can also see some of the corporate patterns that will accompa...

Pin pointer + house + arrow, property investment consultant logo

December 02, 2019

Logo design symbol proposal created for a properties investment consultant: location pin pointer, house shape, person silhouette. Since this is about investments, the house shape also stands for an upwards arrow, for growth. -- Let's ...

Aspect Analytics, logo design for biomedical IT tools

November 29, 2019

Logo design proposal for Aspect Analytics. They create software to analyze spectral images, their focus being the analysis of imaging mass spectrometry data. Unused direction. -- Let's work together! Contact me at hello@alextass.com ...

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