March 09, 2015

No affiliation with the president, I assure you. Full "Tooling Around" series on the Tumblr ( http://typelimited.tumblr.com ), instagram, ( http://instagram.com/alessio_joseph ) and posting to Behance! ( https://www.behance.net/alessio_...


February 24, 2015

Any Q-uestions? ( uncropped on http://typelimited.tumblr.com and http://instagram.com/alessio_joseph )


February 24, 2015

More from the Tooling Around series! Uncropped on http://typelimited.tumblr.com and http://instagram.com/alessio_joseph


February 23, 2015

The "Tooling Around" series continues! Be sure to follow along on http://instagram.com/alessio_joseph and http://typelimited.tumblr.com!

Tooling Around - D

February 07, 2015

Continuing the series! Check out the other angles and letters on the Tumblr and my Instagram!

Tooling Around

February 05, 2015

I'm beginning an alphabetical series for the month of February—typography with tools! Follow along as I post shots of each letter on the TypeLimited tumblr (more shots per letter) or my Instagram (more other stuff as well)!