1. Carbonate Cycle of the Ocean animal art clam climate change color illustrator infographic photoshop shell
    View Carbonate Cycle of the Ocean
    Carbonate Cycle of the Ocean
  2. Dragon Fruit botanical design digital dragon fruit illustration photoshop
    View Dragon Fruit
    Dragon Fruit
  3. Current Project cross section digital dragon fruit photoshop
    View Current Project
    Current Project
  4. Wood Duck animal digital photoshop scientific illustration wood duck
    View Wood Duck
    Wood Duck
  5. Scoliid Wasp art ink pen and ink wasp
    View Scoliid Wasp
    Scoliid Wasp
  6. Form Fits Function digital form graphite hand light on form photoshop traditional
    View Form Fits Function
    Form Fits Function
  7. Dog with a Duck acrylic dog duck feather turkey wood duck
    View Dog with a Duck
    Dog with a Duck
  8. Still Life black and white still life
    View Still Life
    Still Life
  9. Taking Our Stripes Back ecosystem illustrator photoshop tiger
    View Taking Our Stripes Back
    Taking Our Stripes Back
  10. Kiwi Cross Section cross section kiwi photoshop
    View Kiwi Cross Section
    Kiwi Cross Section
  11. Down to Bone anatomy bone colored pencil tiger
    View Down to Bone
    Down to Bone
  12. Coyote Dentition anataomy animal coyote infographic photoshop
    View Coyote Dentition
    Coyote Dentition
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