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Menu Animation for Additional Functions

October 29, 2014

Hey folks! This time I came up with the sweet context menu animation. This is how additional functions appear in a user profile. Check out the project on GitHub: • Android: https://github.com/Yalantis/Context-Menu.Android • iOS: https:/...

99miles layout adaptive 1 4 1

Adaptive Layout Design

October 14, 2014

Designing adaptive layout for iPhone 6 Plus. Made in Yalantis.

99miles find friends interface animation

Find Friends - Interaction

October 09, 2014

Just trying to come up with a simple and funny interaction for reviewing a user profile. Made in Yalantis.

Top menu 1 2 2

Top Menu Animation

September 01, 2014

Top menu with some categories to choose. Made in Yalantis. God bless Ukraine!

Events menu 1 1 6

Side Menu Animation

August 19, 2014

Check out the project on GitHub: • Android: https://github.com/Yalantis/Side-Menu.Android • iOS: https://github.com/Yalantis/Side-Menu.iOS

Realestate pull 1 2 3

Pull to Refresh. Rentals

July 21, 2014

Continue experimenting with the pull-to-refresh interaction. Check out the project on GitHub: • Android: https://github.com/Yalantis/Pull-to-Refresh.Rentals-Android • iOS: https://github.com/Yalantis/Pull-to-Refresh.Rentals-iOS

Tours pull airplane 2 2 3

Pull to Refresh

July 01, 2014

A little more fun for the pull-to-refresh interaction. Made in yalantis.

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