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Learn UI/UX Design with Jesse Showalter

Taught by Jesse Showalter
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Session One: Designing & Prototyping Mobile Interfaces

It may come as a surprise that designing mobile interfaces is about so much more than just good looking visuals—It’s about thinking through the struggles of the user, and offering up purposeful solutions via your designs. So now the important questions: how do you design an application that feels rock solid but also rocks people’s socks off? How do you approach a blank artboard with the end goal in mind? How do you ship products faster? How do you design interfaces that make people say “wow”?

In this full-day workshop you’ll get a first-hand look into workflows that help you answer all these questions. You’ll learn everything you need to know about the basics of mobile UI design—like color, typography, grids, animations, and interactions—plus helpful tips and tricks along the way to speed up your workflow. Get first-hand insights that will not just help you and your team build amazing interfaces, but make a huge impact for your projects and clients as well.

This workshop will be a truly interactive experience—which means you’ll be getting your hands on a project, sharing your work with Jesse, and getting real-time feedback from the expert himself. Plus, a lucky few will also get the chance to get “on stage” with Jesse where he’ll review & rework your design in real time! So be sure to have Figma downloaded and a pen & paper ready.

What you’ll learn

  • Figma fundamentals
  • Typographic scales
  • Grids and Layouts
  • Interactions & Animations
  • Prototyping & Flows
  • Components & systems
  • UI standards & common patterns
  • Sourcing images, icons, & assets
  • How to think thoughtfully about UI design
  • …and much more!

Session Two: Modern Delivery Workflows for Freelancers & Teams

OK designers, you've designed an amazing product…so what comes next? Well, it’s all about the handoff, folks. Join us for Jesse’s interactive full-day workshop for a step-by-step blueprint equipping you to flawlessly deliver your final designs to the client.

This Dribbble Workshop will help you spot and avoid key errors that result in improper handoff and delivery of your work. By learning from Jesse’s seamless workflow processes you will work smarter, not harder; resulting in less delivery errors, less time wasted (for both you and your team), less unnecessary communication, and most importantly happier clients who receive the work you envisioned. Jesse will explore the essentials of successful asset handoff, and answer questions like: how do you document your design? What tools are out there that can help make your design life easier? What tools can make the development handoff process smoother?

And good news—you don't need to answer these questions alone! With Jesse's experience and insights you'll be ready to assist your team, clients, and colleagues get products to market that much faster. You’ll also learn to embrace important communication techniques that make handing off projects not only more efficient, but a delight for all involved!

Attendees will also leave the workshop with a takeaway PDF from Jesse outlining Figma fundamentals, a working Figma file full of templates AND a no code cheat sheet, so you are set up for design success as soon as you leave the workshop! Plus, Jesse’s workshop will be recorded and live for attendees to rewatch for two weeks after the workshop.

What you’ll learn

  • Client hand off workflows
  • Easy design documentation (make engineers love you!)
  • Client presentation methods
  • Tools for building an MVP without a dev team
  • How to provide code to your teams
  • Version control & communication techniques
  • Wrapping-up a projects with post mortems
  • Defining next steps for completed projects
  • …and much more!

Jesse Showalter is a passionate, creative, and straight-shooting front end developer, product & UI/UX Designer living in Texas. He has over ten years of experience developing products from concept to production. His diverse skillset spans a myriad of disciplines, from digital marketing, to hands-on UI/UX design, to front-end development (HTML/CSS/JavaScript). He’s fluent in visual UI design, UX design, user-centered design methodologies, product and front-end development.

Jesse has completed over 300 projects, and has worked with influential brands such as Adobe, Sketch, Bravo and Affinity. He also runs a YouTube channel aiming to inspire other creatives, and help them learn and grow in their craft. He frequently posts videos on design, creative concepts, tools and code. He also regularly posts on Instagram (@iamjesseshow). When he’s not working on design projects, Jesse can be found on adventures with his amazing wife and two kids.

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“I just wanted to say that after a looooong 9-5 with 3 branding projects overlapping at work, this workshop has been very relaxing, entertaining and academic. I have been sitting in this chair since 8am and now it's almost 3am hahahahah worth every minute of it.”

“It was an awesome workshop. Thank you for going above and beyond the session!!”

“A 3 hour workshop that ended up almost hitting 5! Thank you for sharing your wisdom with us :)”

“Finishing up the 1st half of @Draplin's workshop from @dribbble and I'm already so inspired.”

“This workshop was incredibly insightful, I definitely learned a ton. Thanks Aaron and everyone else involved for your time!”

Save $

Bulk discount offered to colleagues or classmates if 5 or more tickets are bought.

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Our Dribbble Workshop sessions with Jesse Showalter takes place on July 30, 2021 at 9:00AM (PDT).

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