54f790ab22b489d7b3d09b7d938349e1 Andriod Food's App

by Zubair Ali

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Order Page

January 07, 2014

Food Dish information

here is Food dish information and order page. don't forgot to check Attached image with all icons and buttons. likes and comments are welcome . thanks to ...

November 04, 2013

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View Basket

here is "view basket" panel of Food's App. Please check 2x and Press like also :) thanks to all.

October 30, 2013

Creat account small

Sigup Screen

Don't forgot to check Attachment. thanks to all :)

October 28, 2013

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Splash small

Splash Screen

i have done Splash (login) Screen of my Food's App with the help of my friend @zee7 ✽. don't Forgot to Forgot Attachment and like. thanks everyone :)

October 02, 2013

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Food's Application

I've been working on this app for last a couple of week with the help of my friend @zee7 ✽ Its almost done and i'll be sharing more of it with you soon. Mak...

September 04, 2013

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