Konstantin Zhabinskiy Twitch Mobile by Konstantin Zhabinskiy

Twitch Mobile is the concept of the Twitch mobile app for Mobile Gamers

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Twitch clash royale

Twitch Mobile. Clash Royale

August 16, 2018

As I promised I uploaded a new screen flow for Twitch Mobile. For today is subscription flow on game's screen 🎮 What do you think about screens' look & feel? Because I really enjoyed the mix of a video background and interface animat...

Twitch Mobile. Home Screen

August 04, 2018

How it's going, folks? Today I have to share this pretty new concept of the Twitch mobile app for Mobile Gamers. Did you even thinking about the individual platform for mobile eSports gamers? 👀 This is a project that I'm going to desig...

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