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  1. 19 May Pro
    Zac Keeler
    Commented on Street Vector Illustration

    Awesome man! great job.

  2. 18 May Pro
    Zac Keeler
    Commented on New

    Site looks Great! Looks like a rad event.

  3. 16 May Pro
    Zac Keeler
    Commented on Stamp

    That's awesome! What size did you get?

  4. 8 May Pro
    Zac Keeler
    Commented on Oakley In Residence

    @Kyson Dana Thanks Man. I'm a big fan of Craft. We moved from expression engine, which was great. We used a ton of Pixel and Tonic plugins and when they came out with Craft with all the stuff built in, to us it seemed like a no brainer to try it. For certain content at Oakley we have to move quick. This platform allows us that flexibility. Switching CMS's really depend on what you want to accomplish. The UX with the admin is top notch, TWIG is pretty easy to pick up, it's agile, and localization is built in. I haven't read the hype, so my opinion is only based on my personal experience. We adopted really early because we needed localization. Try it out. What CMS are you currently using?