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  1. 21 Jul
    Zac Dixon
    Added Turkish Airlines to the Landscapes bucket.
  2. 21 Jul
    Zac Dixon
    Followed Emily Perino.
  3. 7 Jul
    Zac Dixon
    Commented on Smoke | Fumes

    Ooooh yea. Perfection.

  4. 4 Jul
    Zac Dixon
    Added Accompany to the Landscapes bucket.
  5. 29 Jun
    Zac Dixon
    Commented on License Transfer

    @Brien Hopkins I colored everything in AE/E3D. I added different materials to each surface in C4D I knew I would want to have unique colors in the final piece. Then created materials in E3D and applied them there.

  6. 26 Jun
    Zac Dixon
    Followed Paul McMahon.
  7. 21 Jun
    Zac Dixon
    Added Fishin' for kittens to the Characters bucket.
  8. 13 Jun
    Zac Dixon
    Commented on Leagues Concept Art

    LOVE this mr j

  9. 13 Jun
    Zac Dixon
    Commented on Ugmonk 2.0 - Animated

    That's awesome!

  10. 12 Jun
    Zac Dixon
    Followed Linn Fritz.