Settings page for Bizy

September 01, 2020

Another cool shot from the Bizy app we're still working on. This is the Settings screen where users of the application can adjust their data, manage notifications, turn integrations on and off and much more. Still a super nice project to...

Creating a Poll in Bizy (Motion)

March 12, 2020

This is Bizy. It's an app for smart & easy group decision making. This page shows a thread, which is a place for a group of people to come together and to make decisions and plans for a specific topic. Adding a card is an essential ...

Bizy Landing Page

January 24, 2020

Super proud to share more of what we've been working on for this new startup called Bizy. This is the marketing website we created to briefly explain what Bizy does. It was a great challenge to create a beautiful and colorful landing p...

Atomic Design System - Bizy

January 14, 2020

A while ago we shared the work of a new client: Bizy. We've developed an atomic design system for them. By making reusable components we keep the pages consistent and we can systemise our design process. Working with these components hel...

Brand Concept & Design Direction - Bizy

January 06, 2020

For the last few months we've been working on a new startup called Bizy. With Bizy it is possible to collect the opinions of different people by means of a poll or a list, for example. Together with the Bizy team we've worked on various...

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