Stairway - Menu Dropdown

October 31, 2019

Besides the online learning platform we also created the landing page for Stairway. Just like the platform we continued with the playfulness art direction throughout the entire landing page. In the design we've made a large dropdown menu...

Coherent Color System for Illustrations

August 08, 2019

An integral part of our process is defining a consistent color palette for complete project. From icons to buttons to text to illustrations, they should all work together. This shot showcases how we created a coherent color system to ba...

Gamification Profile Menu - Stairway Learning

August 05, 2019

This is neat little profile menu that we designed for Stairway Learning. The platform is about learning in a fun and interactive way. We wanted to reflect this in our design and the interactions within the app. --- Made by the @Yummygum...

Motivating and Inspiring Math Lessons on Mobile

June 07, 2019

A glimpse of the lesson view we designed for the mobile version of Stairway Learning; an online (math) learning platform. The best part of this project was the playfulness we got to add tot the interface because to appeal to the young ta...

Online Math Class

February 15, 2019

We're happy to share the first designs we did for Stairway Learning; online learning platform for Mathematic We absolutely loved working for and with the Stairway team as we took their very first rough draft of a product to a rebranded ...

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