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  1. 10 Feb Team
    Commented on Bitcoin app concept

    Nice animations. Would be cool to see Kerem's avatar in the payment screen as well, to make it a little more personal.

  2. 26 Jan Team
    Followed Scott Tusk.
  3. 26 Jan Team
    Commented on Day Mode/Night Mode

    Looks great. Probably just the animation, but should the toggle knob be moved before any of the background color change? Right now it looks as if the color change triggers the toggle to switch instead of toggling the toggle triggering the status representation to change.

  4. 26 Jan Team
    Commented on Zuidema about page

    Nice work Jesper! Love the column containers for the countries. Only thing is that the pictures don't necessarily convey/represent the countries. They're cities within the countries. Because the shots are pretty narrow, they become a somewhat interchangeable. Would it be an option to add an extra identifier (flag/icon of landmark)? Right now you'd have to read the text at the bottom of the photo to understand/distinguish the items. Another option would be using photos that represent the countries better. Although cheesy (no pun intended), a grass field with cows and windmills would immediately trigger the thought of The Nederlands for me.