6d9df7113b4e03b094778c48f6584804 Night Owl

by Mason Yarnell

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Home shot 2

Night Owl Website Home Screen

The client really liked the first iteration, but I wanted to try a new approach. This new design is more streamlined and visually cohesive. Take a peek at th...

October 24, 2011

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Home shot

Night Owl Home Screen

Here's the first iteration of the home screen for the Night Owl project. Still working on some details. Take a peek at the full size. I know, lots of purple ...

October 20, 2011

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Brand shot

Night Owl or NightOwl Logo

Here is a work in progress of a brand I'm working on with a client. This is in collaboration with the great Gert van Duinen. Gert drew the shape of the owl w...

October 20, 2011