Blueberry iPhone UI Kit

March 20, 2013

Hey, guys. Remember skeuomorphism? Many of you have seen this design develop over time. Originally, this was designed for an app that didn't launch. I've received some emails over the last couple of months from folks interested in buyi...

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Settings2.2 shot

iOS iPhone App Modal Options

July 23, 2012

Just to keep sharp and show some variety, here are a couple of ideas for an options panel I had for this personal project. I know these are a bit outlandish, but I wanted to come up with some fun concepts. Hope you enjoy them. Availabl...

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Wineri tabbar shot

Social Wine iPhone Navigation UI Tab Bar / Tabbar Icons

October 07, 2011

Update: This is now available on the Creative Market as a UI Kit Here are a few more details of the whimsical UI design of the social wine app I'm working on. Be sure to check out the attached screenshot for more d...

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Feed shot

Social Wine iPhone UI Feed

September 30, 2011

Here is some progress on my iPhone project, Wineri. Working with loads of texture and detail. Check the large shot for a bit more flavor. Hope you enjoy.

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