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Cosmos is an internal management product to help community members manage their projects effectively, apply to new jobs and maintain their profiles.

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Cosmos Story

February 02, 2018

Finally published the blog story about How we build Cosmos. You can read it here. Hope you'll like it. Keep following me on Dribbble and Medium for such updates.


January 25, 2018

Here sharing the modal forms from the cosmos project. Modal forms are an easy way to capture user attention and reduce the number of pages required for a site. Do check out Full Pixels Attachments Hit L if you like it. Keep following fo...

Profile and Edit Profile Screens

January 23, 2018

Here sharing the Profile and Edit Profile Screens from Cosmos Project. Hit L if you like it. Do check out Full Pixels Attachments I will be soon publishing the blog sharing the Cosmos Story. Keep following for more such updates.

Milestone Members Screen

January 18, 2018

Following User-centric approach implies giving required access controls to the relevant users. Here's a shot showing how we used the user-centered approach while designing Cosmos. Project Managers have the ability to view the payout deta...

Projects Detailed View

January 15, 2018

Here posting another shot from Cosmos project sharing the detailed view of Projects. Do press L if you like it. Do check out Full Pixels Attachment I am also available for some freelance work. Feel free to contact me.

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Cards | Cosmos

January 12, 2018

We, at Indiez, believe in adapting according to the project environment. So our cards too. Here, I am sharing some of our UI cards showing project, job, and milestone details respectively and how they scale up for different use cases in ...

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Cosmos Job Board

January 09, 2018

We, at Indiez, are constantly working hard to build future of work and make life easier for our community members. This winters I had a chance to work on the MVP, Cosmos. I'm very excited to share a sneak peek at the Jobs Page of the pro...

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