Nurse Management

May 17, 2016

Rebounding a shot by @jeroenvaneerden. Thought this might look nice with some subtle rounded corners. Likely wouldn't be noticeable at small sizes but adds some softness to the logo at larger sizes.

Food Widget

February 06, 2014

Went for a more reduced approach, tweaked a few things here and there. My rationale is that in order for the user to want to click on the "Recipe" button there are 3 main factors: the picture, the rating, and social validation. So in tha...

Product Widget - All White

February 05, 2014

Here's a spin on Ionut's design but with white background product photos. Also put them in a masonry grid to see the effect of many at once instead of a single widget. Downplayed price a bit, looking to draw attention to the products the...

Fundraiser Widget

January 09, 2014

Changed up the widget a bit, now more focused on fundraising. It could show up on someone's dashboard, so in that context I thought the title, amount raised, and goal would be important. Tapping the title bar would take you to a more det...


October 29, 2013

Wanted to try something without any outlines. I am also a sucker for stark contrast. The one crux of this design is the quotee's name length, which could easily break the layout. I included a vertical version which could stretch a bit in...

Guided Tour Tooltip

August 30, 2013

Replaced the 5 dots progress indicator with a progress bar. My rationale is that users will be deterred from clicking on the progress bar itself. Although, in the context of a full layout, having the "Next" button be a louder color make...

Places + Comments

May 31, 2013

Modified slightly from @Ionut Zamfir's design Photo by @Cole Rise

Hexa Time Widget

May 26, 2013