Wifi db

OOBE- Wifi set up

December 20, 2012

Out of Box Experience to set up the brand new machine. Actual Px attached.

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Pop Up Machine Load Screen

December 20, 2012

Basic loading screen for machine gets this awesome pop up if the owner flips an actual physical button inside the machine. Yes, an actual button, I know, crazy! I didn't realize buttons could actually exist outside of my screen lol. Actu...

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Control Panel - Set Pricing per Game

December 16, 2012

This is mostly automated for the operator, but if they want to change a specific game to a custom pricing tier or price, they launch this screen to do so. The table can filter by Game Name or Tier at the moment. There is no scrolling on ...


Player site

December 16, 2012

Player facing site for promoting the new Megatouch Live machine and player accounts. Games for both the machine and mobile devices are promoted as well as social networking. Check out the attachment for the full size shot.


Control Panel - Erotic Settings

December 16, 2012

Set up to let users control the level of nudity on the machine and games. This day part system lets users determine what which hour they would like what level. Check out the attachment for full size :)


Control Panel UI

December 04, 2012

Control panel for a gaming machine, built in HTML. Check out the full shot.