Learn to Start Your Own Apparel Brand

Learn to Start Your Own Apparel Brand


Joshua Ariza | Founder of Chomp

If you’ve ever thought about putting your designs on t-shirts, hats, hoodies, and anything else you can think of, but don’t know where to start, or don’t understand the business side of things, then this full-day workshop is for you.

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"Five stars! Josh shared his first-hand experience on apparel branding, design and manufacturing in a very thorough and insightful workshop. Loved it!"

About the workshop

About the workshop

About the workshop

About the workshop

About the workshop

Joshua Ariza is the creative mind behind Chomp, a lifestyle brand which has grown into a multi-million business. In this full-day workshop Josh will share his journey in creating Chomp and how you can apply his learnings to start your own brand. You'll learn how to brand your company, make products people want, and take it to market – all on your own.

Get answers to questions like…

  • How do you come up with concepts?

  • Do you need to make a business plan, or just start?

  • How many different designs do you need to open up a shop?

  • How to gauge interest in order to know which ideas are worth investing in?

  • How do you get your brand noticed in an already saturated market?

  • Is it better to create your own website, or start selling on 3rd party vendors like Etsy?

  • How do you get your items in both small local stores and large chains?

  • What marketing tactics/channels work to drive online sales?

Learn each step of Joshua's process

1/ Naming and branding your company

A memorable name and a well-crafted brand identity can set you apart from competitors and create a lasting connection with your audience. Joshua will show you how to choose a name that resonates with your target audience and reflects your company's unique style. We’ll cover aspects like creating a visually appealing logo, defining your brand's voice and tone, and ensuring consistency across all your marketing materials.

2/ Designing products people want

Knowing what people want is an art and science that entails understanding market trends, conducting consumer research, and translating those insights into appealing designs. In this section we’ll discuss how to identify gaps in the market, stay attuned to cultural and fashion trends, and iterate your designs based on customer feedback to ensure your products align with customer preferences.

3/ Sourcing and development of products

Now it’s time to start turning your design ideas into tangible goods. In this section we’ll cover how to find reliable suppliers, or manufacturers, negotiate pricing, and ensure quality control. 

4/ Launching your online store

You’ve got a product, now it’s time to set up shop and start selling! We’ll cover how to select the right e-commerce platform, set up a user-friendly website, and optimize the online shopping experience. We’ll also touch on how to categorize products, ensure high-quality product imagery, write clear and compelling product descriptions, and secure payment gateways. 

5/ Wholesale, licensing, collabs and other revenue generators

Diversifying revenue streams is essential for sustained business growth. Joshua will share his tips on wholesaling your products to retailers, establishing licensing agreements to extend your brand's reach, and collaborating with other brands, or artists to create unique offerings. 

Bonus! Get a brand critique from Joshua

If you're working on your own brand and want to share, this is a great opportunity to get live mentorship.

What you’ll learn
  • Naming and branding your company

  • Designing products people want

  • Sourcing and development of products

  • Launching your online store

  • Wholesale, licensing, collaborations and other revenue generators

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Meet your instructor

Joshua Ariza

Joshua Ariza is a designer who’s worked with some of the largest brands on the planet. Nike, Disney, Taco Bell and Under Armour are just some of his clients. He also runs a successful apparel company; Chomp, which he has grown to a multi-million dollar business.