Herb & Olive Pouch Label

September 21, 2019

We iterated on this label for what seemed like forever, but i love where we landed. We have been playing around with how we wanted to use color to help differentiate the dosage in each capsule because there are 2 different dose levels....

Brave the Waves

September 20, 2019

Since i started working on the Brand for Herb & Olive CBD i've started to take CBD to see if the benefits could help me. I've seen some positive impacts in my battle with anxiety, stress and depression. This design is an ode to the d...

Herb&Olive Pouch Design

September 13, 2019

Package design for our first product, CBD Olive Oil Gel Capsules. Waves are present throughout our branding. the waves speak to the mental clarity our product can deliver to the users as well as the inspiration we find with ocean.

Herb & Olive CBD Branding

September 06, 2019

I am very excited to start sharing some of this content. I've partnered with a couple friends to launch a CBD Olive Oil company. We just recently launched with CBD Olive Oil Gel Capsules and are working on something special to release ar...