1. H for Heart Disk singapore designmotion illustration typeface loops everydaygif wild-studio
    H for Heart Disk
  2. Meow doremon cartooning characterdesign designmotion wild-studio
  3. Merdeka Tigers independent freedom pattern wildstudio wild tigers merdeka handdrawn loops everydaygif wild-studio
    Merdeka Tigers
  4. Oh My Wild singapore everydaygif characterdesign wild-studio
    Oh My Wild
  5. Hello Sunshine good morning singapore everydaygif wild-studio
    Hello Sunshine
  6. Butterfly Effect singapore butterfly effect chao theory butterfly lips loops everydaygif wild-studio designmotion
    Butterfly Effect
  7. The Sound of Sirens lies lives police chaos black usa everydaygif wild-studio designmotion
    The Sound of Sirens
  8. All Hands On Deck sgunited hands singapore everydaygif loops wild-studio designmotion
    All Hands On Deck
  9. Finger T(r)ip fingertip tripping singapore x characterdesign everydaygif loops wild-studio designmotion
    Finger T(r)ip
  10. Social Distortion wild-studio designmotion distortion social simulation normal news
    Social Distortion
  11. Of Waves & Birds shoe design singapore patterndesign sneaker illustration wild-studio
    Of Waves & Birds
  12. Taming that voice in my head peoplewatching illustration everydaygif loops wild-studio designmotion
    Taming that voice in my head
  13. WIld Motion Collage bangkok design ui everydaygif loops wild-studio designmotion
    WIld Motion Collage
  14. Work In Progress singapore ui wild-studio loops designmotion
    Work In Progress
  15. Humanity Under Surveillance illustration peoplewatching loops wild-studio designmotion
    Humanity Under Surveillance
  16. Majulah Singapura (Onward Singapore) designmotion national day wild-studio loop singapore
    Majulah Singapura (Onward Singapore)
  17. FFF - FilmFest. Friday@ Five typography design wildstudio mightyjaxx singapore film festival fff logo design loops designmotion
    FFF - FilmFest. Friday@ Five
  18. Of Waves & Birds tessellation birds waves sunsetkids patterns singapore illustration everydaygif wild-studio designmotion
    Of Waves & Birds
  19. Kissing Fish singapore everydaygif illustration logo wild-studio designmotion
    Kissing Fish
  20. Wild Studio, UI Design 2019 webdesign motion code singapore json motiondesign ui template designmotion wild-studio
    Wild Studio, UI Design 2019
  21. Sumi-Ink sumi-e chinese dragon fluid ink singapore identity system identitydesign wild-studio designmotion
  22. Celebrity Snakes designmotion vector ui illustration singapore wild-studio characterdesign
    Celebrity Snakes
  23. Wild Studio Halloween Special: Blob Monsters 2 workshop wild-studio singapore singaporeeducationsystem monsters learntoplay halloween illustration generativedesign designmotion characterdesign
    Wild Studio Halloween Special: Blob Monsters 2
  24. Wild Studio Halloween Special: Blob Monsters monsters halloween learntoplay singaporeeducationsystem workshop generativedesign illustration singapore characterdesign wild-studio designmotion
    Wild Studio Halloween Special: Blob Monsters
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