TypeFight Live at Creative South

March 23, 2015

Gonna give away a mess of shirts to all the fighters in the upcoming TypeFight Live at Creative South event. They'll look like this, only in shirt form. If you're attending Creative South and haven't signed up to fight yet, GET IN THERE ...

TypeFight Live: Lucha De Letras

March 02, 2015

Made a little luchador logo guy for our next TypeFight Live event in Austin, TX on March 12th. If you're gonna be in town, come hang out with us as two hardened designers get inside the Letter-Ring and flex their finger-muscles. There's ...

Live Hand Tat

February 25, 2014

WIP. You can pronounce it Lyve or Liive and it won't hurt my feelings none.


TypeFight 2.0 Logo [GIF]

April 12, 2013

New logo for TypeFight. Everybody dance now.

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