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Art Nouveau

A new vector pack coming soon for Vectorian. This time, it will be hundred of amazingly beautiful "Art Nouveau" Ornaments, vectorized by hands from early 190...

October 09, 2013

Ornemental Title

I wanted to get a more "Victorian" feeling for the title. So I used a ornamental style from the late 19th century "Aesthetic Movement". More infos about this...

July 23, 2013

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Flourishes folies tmb

Flourishes Folies

This new pack of vector ornaments is coming soon... vectorized from the 19th century Charles Derriey catalog. Hence the name "Folies Flourishes"... That's ...

October 04, 2012


Vectorian logo stamped

Nick Cliffe from http://artisans.co.uk created a stamp version for leather from the vectorian logo. Then he stamped it on 3 different leather pieces. I recom...

September 11, 2012