Wayfinding Icons - Streamline 3.0

October 16, 2017

Streamline 3.0 will include 300 new wayfinding icons that you can use for signage systems or apps, with both line and solid styles. First peek at the line style... More infos about Streamline 3.0, the world's best and biggest icon pa...

Duotone Illustrations

April 28, 2017

We are working on a duotone version of all our illustrations (around 1,000 illustrations planned...). You can change the color for all icons in seconds, using Illustrator Global Colors, or Sketch Shared Styles. A great features to adapt...

Business avatars

November 11, 2016

Business/office scenes for the Streamline Colors collection.

Diversity avatar icons

November 09, 2016

On this day of sorrow, a few icons that I'm working on, reminding us that our society is still (and increasily) diverse.

Little People - 2

October 22, 2016

More "little people" for the streamline icons collection. Follow me on Twitter for more news about products launch and icons

Little People

October 21, 2016

Still working on the character design for the Streamline Colors collection. Today, it's about people displayed at a small size, with a full view of the body. It's not a lot of pixels available, so I had to reduce details to a strict min...

Free Download - Color Vector Characters

October 20, 2016

I'm happy to share with you the .AI and .SKETCH sources of the new icons collection I'm working on 😊 🎉 You can use them for any commercial or personal use. I would appreciate any feedback. Anything that I can improve? One great featur...


October 18, 2016

Working on defining the character design for the Streamline Colors collection. On this last shot, I've drastically increased the size of the icon, keeping the stroke at the same size, so there is a lot more whitespace inside. Feel more a...