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Product Detail

February 03, 2017

Card details. Final design for the Trading Card Game item: Magic the Gathering. With info (name, set, rarity, card type, description, launch date and twitter hashtag) best deal at the top and related items for your deck and or collectio...

New Homepage

January 17, 2017

A new homepage. Final design for the Trading Card Game homepage. Our client's short and medium term goals requires a revamped and completely responsive website. Our analysis shows their current site gets a higher return visitor rate in ...

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Product Detail

January 12, 2017

After various iterations and user tests we've came to the final wireframe and HiFi prototype for the product detail. – Created with PG's Product Design team 😉. Do you have a new project for us? Let's talk.

Trading Cards: Sitemap And Menus

January 12, 2017

Navigation, navigation, navigation… “In both applications and websites, users rely on menus to find content. Of course sometimes new types of menus improve the user experience. (Mega-menus are a great example of this phenomenon.)” – NN G...

Trading Cards Game: initial wireframes

January 12, 2017

Hello Dribbble and happy 2017! This is the initial exploration for a popular Trading Card Game website. This homepage wireframe is the result of current web usage metric analysis, a fresh sitemap (IA), use case exercises and overall use...