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April 26, 2012

After many requests we added a 'edit invite' feature to the Invy iphone app. When you swipe a list item to the right two buttons/icons will appear to edit or delete the item. Not sure if users will find this out by them selves... What d...

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Invy has launched

April 23, 2012

After months of hard work we finally got our little date picker app Invy in the App Store! I'm so proud. Really hope you guys like it. Feedback is very welcome. Email us at hello[at]invyapp.com. Available on the App Store for $1,99/€1,59

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Added to iCal - Invy iPhone app

March 16, 2012

We just added the feature that when a date is chosen for a meet up, it will be added to your iCal.. More about the app: http://invyapp.com :)

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Invy App Landing Page

March 02, 2012

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Selected date - Invy App

February 16, 2012

Invy is coming together nicely, currently the app is working with some dummy data. This is how the screen looks when youselected a date for your event We use color-coding for the titles of an event. Orange for 'new event', Blue for 'pen...

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Invy App Website

February 04, 2012

Working on the website for Invy (http://invyapp.com), trying to it keep clean&simple.

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Invy detail

January 02, 2012

This is a more detailed screen of Invy App (http://www.invyapp.com/ or http://dribbble.com/wdeb/projects/26858-Invy-App)


Invy list view

December 15, 2011

Funny how after a hard days of work for a client, working on a side project like this feels like relaxation.. This is how I imagine the list view of this app will look. What do you think? See attachment for a bigger/more detailed image...

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