Waldo Broodryk Webflow Animations by Waldo Broodryk

Building out static designs in Webflow with div blocks and minimal imagery and animating those elements.

5 Shots + 1 Attachment

Cms page illustration 800x600

Cloneable Animated CMS Illustration Built in Webflow

May 31, 2017

I recreated a CMS illustration by @Ryan Morrison in Webflow with HTML and CSS visually, without writing any code during a Webflow Workshop. Watch the Webflow Workshop ➞ See it live ➞ Start using Webflow Today ➞

Responsive design suite 800x600

Responsive Design Suite Sketches ➞ Webflow ➞ Mobile

May 13, 2017

Inspired by another illustration by @Ryan Morrison I wanted to convey the design process that I've adopted and been using for several years now. Gathering information and requirements ➞ Sketching on paper ➞ Building in Webflow ➞ Publishi...

Amplify factory

Amplify Factory 3D Made in Webflow

May 06, 2017

Rebuilt and animated the Amplify piece by @Guillaume Kurkdjian in Webflow with some rotation toggles: See it live here ➞ Start using Webflow today ➞

Computer screen animation 800x600

Webflow Editor Page Illustration Animation

May 03, 2017

Another beautiful illustration by @Ryan Morrison that I built out with div blocks and animated in @Webflow See the illustration animated in Webflow ➞ Typer.js version ➞ Start using Webflow today ➞ Check out the Webflow Editor ➞ See i...

Fixed illlustration life 800x600 v2

Recreated illustration and animation in Webflow

February 03, 2017

I am inspired and honored to work with @Ryan Morrison, he does amazing work! Ryan recently designed a beautiful illustration for our new home page at Webflow (which I'm rebounding here) and I saw div blocks in my mind the first time I ga...