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Daily UI #005: App Icon

December 07, 2015

Todays challenge was to make an app icon, so I decided to make one to represent the Sunrise app if I had designed the icon. This was made using 100% CSS & Interactions in Webflow. :) Here's a link to see it live! Scroll in and out ...

Daily UI #004: Calculator

December 05, 2015

Created styles in Webflow of a calculator, then applied them to a fully functioning little js calculator. #MadeInWebflow #DailyUI Do a quick calculation with this calculator LIVE

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DailyUI 003: Landing page

October 16, 2015

Day #003 of the DailyUI 100 Day Challenge: Landing Page

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DailyUI Day: #2 | Credit Card Checkout

October 15, 2015

Day: #2 of the 100 Days of DailyUI challenge. Built a credit card checkout form in Webflow. Follow along as I build each day: Waldo's DailyUI 100 Day Challenge

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Sign-Up Form: #DailyUI

October 14, 2015

I recently signed up for the 100 Days of UI with #DailyUI. I am attempting to create and post my Daily UI challenges built out in Webflow for the next 100 Days, follow along with my project here: http://100-days-of-ui-with-waldo.webflow....