1. Social Share ux ui product design mobile design figma map share social share
    Social Share
  2. Restaurant table booking view product design ui figma web table reservation restaurant table booking
    Restaurant table booking view
  3. Restaurant Landing page product design ui figma web landing page restaurant landing page
    Restaurant Landing page
  4. E-Wallet app ux ui figma product design mobile app wallet e-wallet
    E-Wallet app
  5. Order Tracking and Profile page product design ux ui profile page profile map order tracking
    Order Tracking and Profile page
  6. Food ordering app product design product description ux ui design food ordering
    Food ordering app
  7. House rental application product design rental application rental house renting figma ui
    House rental application
  8. Cinema Ticket booking app user interface movie ticket booking ux ui figma auditorium movie ticket ticket booking
    Cinema Ticket booking app
  9. Train Tracking ux ui web train ticket ticket ticket tracking metro tracking metro
    Train Tracking
  10. Metro Ticket Booking ux ui web train ticket ticket booking metro ticket metro
    Metro Ticket Booking
  11. Login page web vector gradient figma ux ui signin homepage login
    Login page
  12. Landing page web homepage minimal landingpage dailyui
    Landing page
  13. Calculator UI  Soft Design dailyui softui calculator neumorphism
    Calculator UI Soft Design
  14. Order summary and payment view dailyui payment checkout uidesign
    Order summary and payment view
  15. Product description view product description figma dailyui uidesign
    Product description view
  16. Daily UI 001 design ui signup dailyui figma
    Daily UI 001
  17. Isometric design design ui
  18. Lamborghini love design ui
    Lamborghini love
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