1. Lost in space 404 stars shooting code suit astronaut dark planets empty error 404 space lady
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    Lost in space 404
  2. Loader 4.0 morphing morph vibrant colourful fun loop repeat bounce circle triangle shapes loader
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    Loader 4.0
  3. Budgeting App spending categories lava lamp bubbles animation vibrant colourful fun smart app money budget
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    Budgeting App
  4. Loader 3.0 bounce rain drop follow shapes load exciting science glow repeat circle loader
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    Loader 3.0
  5. Circle loader 2.0 branding repeat shapes fun load animation triangle loader circle
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    Circle loader 2.0
  6. Circle loader switch shapes load upbeat exciting colourful fun repeat circle loader
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    Circle loader
  7. Cryptocurrency App gradient app dark ui shares investment trade currency money etherum wallet bitcoin cryptocurrency
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    Cryptocurrency App
  8. Login Modal colourful bold fitness fun confetti shapes signup login
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    Login Modal
  9. Quickview Listing Tile browse scale minimise expand tile house transition property component listing quick view flat
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    Quickview Listing Tile
  10. Dribbble Night and Day chicken lamp maia visnovsky living room home candle computer kitchen
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    Dribbble Night and Day
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