As a pandemic readiness professional, Eric Painter has actually invested the last 25 years volunteering for various homeless ministries in Texas. His efforts have assisted lots of people in demand, from the senior to youth. He believes that aiding the homeless will benefit every person included. He is likewise thinking about spreading the word concerning different church ministries, such as serving the homeless. He has likewise mentored young people. He likewise thinks that assisting others can lower the feeling of loneliness.

Painting has mentored young people who were as soon as taken into consideration at-risk. He has constantly really felt that a person who looks after other people is most important. Because of this, he hung out mentoring at-risk youths. Along with giving food, shelter, as well as garments, he likewise takes the time to be familiar with the youths' family members as well as gives them with the fundamentals of life. This sort of mentoring is a real present in service.

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