1. Spotpay - Credit Card Payment App spending manage cards banking app pay scanning reminders payment app credit card finance app ux design ux design ui character vector application branding illustration minimalism uxresearch
    Spotpay - Credit Card Payment App
  2. Quotation Process Cards - Kortex interactive design illustrations taskmanagement uxflow pirate application uiux minimalism uxresearch
    Quotation Process Cards - Kortex
  3. Pirated theme for product quotation page- Kortex interaction list uiuxdesign ui-month webapp dashboard app application vector branding illustration uxresearch minimalism
    Pirated theme for product quotation page- Kortex
  4. Payments | Save cards | Reports reports paymentcards service provider pay now payments application uxresearch
    Payments | Save cards | Reports
  5. Into the red! -  Illustration human ux design webdesign lostsignal 404 page illustration
    Into the red! - Illustration
  6. Kortex Logo Design team collabration idendity branding concept logo product data analytics dashboard app taskmanagement artificialintelligence minimalism application vector corporates uxresearch branding
    Kortex Logo Design
  7. Kortex Dashboard - Product Quotation Page - Category Management price table category page product catalog quotation minimalism uxresearch visual design productpage dashboard uiuxdesign
    Kortex Dashboard - Product Quotation Page - Category Management
  8. Reports & Analytics Dashboard Illustration b2b ecommerce business category spendanalysis radar chart charts graphic minimalism vector design application uxresearch corporates character illustration
    Reports & Analytics Dashboard Illustration
  9. Approval Management- Kobster branding minimalism vector corporates uxresearch character business illustation
    Approval Management- Kobster
  10. Manual Inspection Process manual illustration slideshow creative  design uidesign checking delivery webdesign character minimalism vector design uxresearch branding illustration
    Manual Inspection Process
  11. Onepay- Logo & Branding android app development mobile app payments concept app logo alphabet logo branding
    Onepay- Logo & Branding
  12. Tourism application concept visualdesign branding concept daily challenge tourisminindia hampi userresearch ui  ux design application ui application
    Tourism application concept
  13. Spaced - Trip booking landing page concept tour tripadvisor discover photography travel webdesign ui  ux ui design
    Spaced - Trip booking landing page concept
  14. Location & Quantity Section - Water Delivery App mobileappdesign delivery corporates branding strategy ux ui
    Location & Quantity Section - Water Delivery App
  15. Water Delivery Web Application design minimalism illustration branding corporate delivery app uxresearch uipractice application mobile ux ui
    Water Delivery Web Application
  16. Water Delivery Mobile Application data analysis statusupdate delivery app uxresearch ux process application mobile ux design ui illustration minimalism
    Water Delivery Mobile Application
  17. Kortex Task Management - Web Application taskflow minimalism flght taskmanager visualdesign webapp uielements ui uxresearch ux design
    Kortex Task Management - Web Application
  18. Pan India Delivery Illustration geographical india delivery status delivery truck cities vector corporates character branding minimalism illustration
    Pan India Delivery Illustration
  19. Strategic Sourcing Illustration graphic art library web vector simple minimalism graphic corporates character branding illustration
    Strategic Sourcing Illustration
  20. Product Range web simple graphic vector ux minimalism people corporates character branding illustration
    Product Range
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