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BetterPT is the simple, secure way to schedule physical therapy online. Schedule your next PT appointment the easy way!

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Some new UI for BetterPT

October 29, 2018

Here's another illustration I put together as part of BetterPT's homepage redesign. Really loving this trend of illustrated characters interacting with bigger images of an application's UI :)

BetterPT Illustration

October 17, 2018

Here's another illustration from BetterPT's homepage redesign.

Our new look at BetterPT

October 12, 2018

More from our new look at BetterPT. Check out our site for the new design :)

New BetterPT UI

October 09, 2018

More from my series of new UI for BetterPT. Would love to know what you think!

BetterPT UI Refresh

October 02, 2018

Some more UI from our revamp of BetterPT's homepage. Would love to hear your feedback :)

New BetterPT illustrations

September 25, 2018

Some new UI I've been working on for some tweaks on BetterPT's homepage. :)

Betterpt calendar ui

BetterPT Scheduler Microinteraction

September 21, 2018

Here's some UI we've been testing as part of BetterPT's clinic-facing platform :)

Insurance interaction 2

BetterPT Insurance Card Microinteraction

September 17, 2018

You can now add your insurance card on BettePT's iOS and Android app. Super excited about this new feature :)