Victor Sanabria Animated Donnie Stickerpack by Victor Sanabria

Who wouldn't want these looping Donnie animations at their fingertips? From Donnie tooting his trumpet to getting in-peached, it's a must-have! Download today!

25 Shots

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iMessage Animated Donnie Stickerpack

December 15, 2017

For anyone interested in making an iMessage stickerpack app, check out my Medium article on my Animated Donnie Stickerpack. Hopefully it gives you some useful advice based on my experience. If you'd like to download the stickerpack, fe...


Donnie Pump

December 07, 2017

More from my Animated Donnie Stickerpack. Hope you like it!

Victor sanabria donnie pigeons dribbble

Donnie Tweets

November 28, 2017

More from my Animated Donnie Stickerpack! (:

Donnie pigeon

Donnie Pigeon

November 23, 2017

More from my animated donnie stickerpack! Hope you all have a happy Thanksgiving. Feel free to download the animations here. 21 looping Donnie stickers to share with your friends!


Donnie Trampoline

November 18, 2017

Feel free to download my animated donnie stickerpack! 21 looping animations like this at your fingertips!

Victor sanabria inpeach dribbble


November 16, 2017

Excited to announce that my animated Donnie series has been approved as a sticker pack in the app store! Feel free to download and share these funny animations of the Donnie with your fr...

Victor sanabria donnie deplorable dribbble

Donnie Deplorable

October 29, 2017

More from my Donnie series :)

Victor sanabria humptytrumpty dribbble

Humpty Donnie sat on a wall

October 26, 2017

Another one from my Donnie Series :)