Mochila Mail manufactured

December 04, 2013

We've done finishing touches on the desktop/web client because we wanted it to work responsively. You'll see some dramatic changes to our landing page within a week, I'll keep you up to date. Mochila Mail is straightforward lightweight ...

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The Pony Express Mail

October 23, 2013

During my flight back from New York I experimented with the Mochila desktop client (which is in live code by now). And drew inspiration from Slate (Eduardo Santos), Facebook mail, Mailbox App, Gmail and Sparrow. Screenshot This is the ...

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Mochila Mail iOS7

June 12, 2013

After the small break with Mochila Mail, and a lot of rethinking our team has grown to three people. We're aiming for a release in Q3 therefor we've updated the design to work with iOS7. Releases iPhone: Q3 iPad: Q4

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Mochila Mail Returns

April 24, 2013

This past month since I announced that Mochila Mail had been put on ice, I've been working really hard to get it running again. We're just awaiting a new developer and then we're back in business to launch. In the meantime here's a previ...

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Mochila Mail Client

March 12, 2013

The latest version of the Mochila Mail client. Check out the attachment. Our journey started in November last year after I had posted an email client on Dribbble for fun. I teamed up with Andrew Zimmer and we came up with the name Moch...

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Mochila Mail Redesign

January 29, 2013

I've about 2 hours every day to work on Mochila, yesterday I spent these 2 hours re-imagining how else I would be able to design Mochila Mail. Check out the attachment. ___ Mochila Mail

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Sneak peek Mochila Mail

December 10, 2012

Working on the Desktop Client for Mochila Mail. Oh and it is my birthday! Upper right corner ____ Subscribe to the Mochila Mail release. Stay updated on Twitter

Mochila Mail

November 27, 2012

It's still in a very functional prototype state, all features won't be revealed until launch. Check the attachment ____ Mochila Mail