60 Vicons - Free Icon Set

July 30, 2014

I’ve begun building on a new icon that is based of a 16-18px grid. Feel free to use them in your projects and make sure you read the license. This is a set that I will continue to build on & share. Do me a favor and share them...

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Thin Stroke Icons

May 21, 2013

Some icons that were going to be used in an iPhone application for my current job that never was put to use. Feel free to share them or use them anywhere you would like.

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80 Shades of White Icons

February 05, 2013

This is the Final version of my Icons. Download them now, while they are still up. Added 20:43 (GMT+1): Icon Font Share them on Twitter

44 Shades of Free Icons

January 08, 2013

I've been very bored during the holidays so I made you a free updated icon set. Hope you enjoy! ICONS

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Fifty Shades of Icons

November 05, 2012

I had a lot of good response from my latest icon-set so I decided to share even more icons from that icon-set. Download them on Premium Pixels and share.

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Dark as Hell UI

July 11, 2012

I wasn't too happy with my latest UI kit, so here comes hopefully an improvement. Grab that Dark as Hell UI! and show your appreciation! :-)

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Transparant UI Kit Freebie

June 27, 2012

Since I'm a sucker for transparency, I figured I would do an UI Kit that I love. Talking about love, I'll be spreading my love by sharing this with you. Background dependant. Grab that attachment!

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Blueish Cloud Growl (Freebie & Coded)

June 13, 2012

This is yet another Freebie from me. What do you think about it? Download it Here! Press L to show your appreciation. Credits to Elliot (Coding)