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  1. 12 Dec Victor Erixon Commented on VSCO Search by Ilja Miskov for Peppers

    Pretty harsh critique saying you "hate the way VSCO executed their design language". I'm sure that their design team spent countless hours crafting their design.

    I like that you can see shots from each person before making the decision to follow them. Though a dilemma might be that you now have to scroll way more in order to find the person you're looking for. Which, I guess is what you're supposed to do in search. I think this layout makes a ton of sense if it was in a "discover/explore" page where you're just randomly having a look around.

    In terms of the new consistent grid layout, I think it's really nice that you now can see more shots at once, this is something they could apply. And this execution is in contrary to what you did with "people".

    Though, what I think VSCO intended to do here was to create an editorial/artsy feel and break grids with their layout. Which is what they're going for with their branding. So in one way it makes sense for them to vary the padding.

    (Sorry for the long post)

  2. 9 Dec Victor Erixon Commented on Brand signup for Feels by Oykun Yilmaz

    I love it! Especially the landing page. One thing though, isn't the "Sign up" button looking a little bit like an input field?

  3. 1 Dec Victor Erixon Added L.A II to the Approved Shots bucket.
  4. 30 Nov Victor Erixon Commented on Rise— Timeline by Ben Mingo for ueno.

    Beautiful end result Ben (and the rest)! I guess I'll take credit for the few icons and the orange colors that are left in there ;)

  5. 21 Nov Victor Erixon Added Shadow Icons to the Approved Shots bucket.
  6. 18 Nov Victor Erixon Commented on Airbnb - Trips concept by Johny vino™

    The UI itself looks great, the font is maybe a little bit small in some places. Though what makes AirBnB great is the warmth and how inviting it feels, making things white and completely removing any kind of photography doesn't make me want to travel anywhere. It might work for people who're already convinced they're going somewhere, but not for people just browsing. Though I'd get frustrated as a user that I'm so limited because there's almost no filtering any longer.

    I saw you described this as purely customised to fit a user's need based on their previous search. But what if this is my first time searching? What if I want to search for something completely different this time? We're not mind readers :-)

  7. 14 Nov Victor Erixon Added New York. to the Approved Shots bucket.
  8. 7 Nov Victor Erixon Commented on Layers by Timo Kuilder

    Tickles my tastebuds!

  9. 29 Oct Victor Erixon Commented on macOS Menu Bar by Chris Masterson

    @timo wagner A very harsh and contradictory tone. I find non constructive criticism, like the one you just shared to be on the exact same level as hollow praises. Be kind to one another!

  10. 17 Oct Victor Erixon Added HR Manager - Icons to the Approved Shots bucket.
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