1. Self Portrait environmental graphics graphicdesign vicky theodoreli
    View Self Portrait
    Self Portrait
  2. Kermes // Visual Identity branding brochure design corporate identity graphic design stationary
    View Kermes // Visual Identity
    Kermes // Visual Identity
  3. Leontis // Business Cards branding business cards corporate identity stationary
    View Leontis // Business Cards
    Leontis // Business Cards
  4. Ioli Stationary identity senior care stationary
    View Ioli Stationary
    Ioli Stationary
  5. Think Plan Be graphic design logo mark
    View Think Plan Be
    Think Plan Be
  6. Senior Care Logo lovehomeicon
    View Senior Care Logo
    Senior Care Logo
  7. IL Exclusive Fitness / Brochure Cover branding brochuredesign fitnessstudio graphicdesign identity vickytheodoreli
    View IL Exclusive Fitness / Brochure Cover
    IL Exclusive Fitness / Brochure Cover
  8. Ioanna Laoumtzi fitness logodesign
    View Ioanna Laoumtzi
    Ioanna Laoumtzi
  9. did the cat ate your tongue..? graphic design
    View did the cat ate your tongue..?
    did the cat ate your tongue..?
  10. HeartGUN me
    View HeartGUN me
    HeartGUN me
  11. Rousseau floatingconcepts illustration language tongue
    View Rousseau
  12. Anna Anastasiou floatingconcepts illustration
    View Anna Anastasiou
    Anna Anastasiou
  13. Mr Wash carwash floatingconcepts logo
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    Mr Wash
  14. Cubicle floatingconceps logo subtitles
    View Cubicle
  15. Abyssos abyssos floatingconcepts logo
    View Abyssos
  16. Yoyo floatingconcepts flyers logo yoyo
    View Yoyo
  17. PK civil engineer floatingconcepts logo
    View PK
  18. Rousseau Studies education floatingconcepts leaflet
    View Rousseau Studies
    Rousseau Studies
  19. Karadimou Photography floatingconcepts logo photography
    View Karadimou Photography
    Karadimou Photography
  20. Peter and the Wolf floatingconcepts kids theatre leaflet
    View Peter and the Wolf
    Peter and the Wolf
  21. Kivotopoulos SA brochure floatingconcepts kivotopoulos
    View Kivotopoulos SA
    Kivotopoulos SA
  22. Mr Wash carwash logo mrwash stationary
    View Mr Wash
    Mr Wash
  23. Libarte arts event production libarte logo
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  24. Asc Energy brochure oil trading print
    View Asc Energy
    Asc Energy
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