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Some package icons I made a while back. Original "Harry" head by Grabbins

September 27, 2012


Full English

A full english breakfast badge for Happiest

July 27, 2012


Movies Badge

A badge close to my heart. The movies! For Happiest

July 24, 2012

Badge drib

Rewards - Wine and Meal

Two of the reward badges I made for Happiest. Free bottle of wine with your meal and a meal offer Bigger view attached

July 23, 2012

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Broffee gif


What happens when two guys innocently share a moment of true bromance over a coffee? well a broffee of course!!! One of the many badges coming to Happiest r...

June 19, 2012

Davinci dribbble

Da Vinci Badge

Coming soon to Happiest. I've been making a series of "wisdom" badges, you'll be able to collect several influential characters that range from Plato to Da V...

June 15, 2012

Cityattractions drib

City Attractions

City attractions, one of the business category icons :) Coming soon to Happiest. See @gavinelliott for dribbbles of the happiest web /mobile

June 12, 2012


Camera Badge

One of the many badges for taking pictures of the things that make you happy :) Coming soon to the Happiest web and iPhone app. See @gavinelliott for dribbbl...

June 07, 2012