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by Veerle Pieters huyzentruyt.be

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Fakin' some content

Working on pages with fake content. Client did give me a bit of a page structure luckily. At least I'm getting somewhere.

February 08, 2010

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Tim bought a house!

I love to (ab)use my friends in my fictional placeholders :D

February 03, 2010


messed up

This is what happens when the client suddenly decides to change the terms of the search result categories into words with double amount of characters as ini...

January 29, 2010



Trying to make it more interesting for people when they're looking for buying a house with this company. I've also create a set of simple icons that go with ...

January 25, 2010

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Colored boxes

The client wants it colorful as you can see ;) It was a tough nut to crack to keep things harmonious, and not having everything shouting for attention. It's ...

January 13, 2010


Search by

I decided with the client to add in the map of Belgium again, selectable by our 9 provinces, when people search for a house/land. People tend to look within...

November 09, 2009


Fragment of my HTML code

This is a fragment of my template code, but online after implementation by the web dev people, it becomes this.

August 18, 2009

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My code slaughtered

So I delivered nicely coded pages, with comment tags, perfect indentation (I'm obsessed like that) and everything. Then after implementation by a web dev sho...

August 18, 2009