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by Veerle Pieters

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Shot 1286181833

Groups and layers

Snapshot taken from some of my layers and its groups of a template page I'm working on. It only shows the part that contains the interaction when the user ne...

October 04, 2010

Shot 1285156082

types of places

Working on a whole bunch of colorful icons for the fabulis iPhone app. I'm creating them all in Illustrator and place them as Smart Objects in Photoshop. So ...

September 22, 2010

Shot 1280756150


Working on one of the designs for a new feature for the fabulis website that will be implemented soon.

August 02, 2010

Shot 1279201965

Almost there now…

Yesterday the fabulis iPhone application was submitted to the app store, my very first design for the iPhone.

July 15, 2010

Shot 1278589385

Going nuts!

Working on a welcome screen "fabulis in a nutshell".

July 08, 2010

Shot 1276796956

fab filter

June 17, 2010

Shot 1276247147


June 11, 2010

Shot 1273856209

Browse, sort by, shake it

Experimenting with icons for the iPhone. The icons on the right are the ones I've been experimenting with, and are the most difficult ones. The bars that hav...

May 14, 2010